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“Effin’ Beauty”! Owners of American Beauty Bistro To Open New Spot At The Former Location Of Effin’

Updated: Mar 12

By Al Katkowsky· On March 30, 2018

Exterior Shots of American Beauty Bistro & American Beauty Bar & Grill, formerly Effin Groovin'

The ink is dry, and the deal is done. After months of rumors, speculation and anticipation, it can be confirmed that Michael Cassano and Maria Pallotta, owners of American Beauty Bistro in Massapequa, along with their partners Danny Sheridan and Jennie Chew, will be setting up shop at the former location of Effin’ Gruven, at 2562 Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore.

“Effin’ Beauty” will combine the best features of each place:

1) Half of the current menu from American Beauty will be made available at the new establishment.

2) The draft beer selection will expand to 28 taps. Four towers will be specifically dedicated to local breweries such as Singlecut, Barrier and Sand City. There’s no word yet on how extensive the bottle and can selection will be, but we can confirm this for hardcore, Effin’ aficionados: no Budweiser.

American Beauty Bistro opened in June of 2016 to solid reviews, combining an eclectic array of small and large plates, meat and cheese boards, specialty cocktails and craft beers. The classic American pin-up vibe and theme was a bold move that helped set them apart.

Still, Michael and Maria face a tall challenge. Effin’ Gruven made its name by standing up to Long Island bar culture, beating it and then living on its own terms. From the offerings to the service, everything about the place said, “We do things differently here.” Long established and probably taken for granted, it was a shock to many when the place closed, as we reported last December.

The new owners tell us that they will be up and running in two months. The challenge is set, and the stakes are high. This should get interesting.

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