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Dog-Friendly Restaurants To Eat at on Long Island

Updated: Mar 12

Arguably the dog-friendliest place on the Island, well-behaved canines are always welcome at American Beauty's outdoor tables (and soon too at the new Massapequa Park location). And while lots of places offer pooch-pacifying door treats, here dogs get their own menu, featuring things like sausage, bacon, and grilled chicken (all $7), along with carrots and sliced apples for the non-keto set ($5). Human plus-ones are invited to join them perusing the menu of riotous wraps and sandwiches, including a fine one of grilled chicken, Jack cheese, and chipotle aioli served on a pretzel croissant ($18), as well every sort of burger imaginable, like the German, a sauerkraut-cheddar-bacon feast on a pretzel bun ($22.50). Expect to hear a 5-star yelp from Fido. For more information, call 516-590-7477. Read full article here:

Owner Maria, feeding a dog a snack off their doggie menu

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